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  1. Prayer for the Dying # 2
    FOR A DYING PERSON may>Christ Who was crucified for your sake free you from excruciating pain. May Christ Who died fo... [View More»]
  2. Prayer of Pope Paul VI - You Are Our Mother
    O Mary, look upon the church, look upon the most responsible members of the Mystical Body of Christ gathered about you t... [View More»]
  3. A Prayer in In Resignation to Suffering (by St. Margaret Mary Alacoque)
    My Saviour! I cheerfully accept all the painful dispositions, in which it is Thy pleasure to place me. My wish is in ... [View More»]
  4. Act of Love and Desire before Holy Communion #1
    Oh, that I could love Thee, Jesus, as if I had knelt at Thy feet and felt the touch of Thy hand on my brow, and heard... [View More»]
  5. Prayer to the Holy Spirit
    Breathe into me Holy Spirit, That all my thoughts may be holy. Move in me, Holy Spirit, that my work, too, may be holy. ... [View More»]
  6. The Prayer You are Christ (by Saint Augustine of Hippo.)
    You are Christ, my Holy Father, my Tender God, my Great King, my Good Shepherd, my Only Master, my Best Helper, m... [View More»]
  7. The Prayer, Memorable Jesus< Mary and Joseph.
    Remember, Heart of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary, and you, O glorious St. Joseph, that no one has ever had recourse... [View More»]
  8. To Saint Theresa of the Child Jesus for the Conversion of Russia
    O loving and compassionate Saint, deign to comfort our Russian brethren, the victims of a long and cruel persecution of ... [View More»]
  9. A Prayer Before Mass (saturday) (by Saint Ambrose)
    I entreat Thee also, O Lord, by this most holy mystery of Thy Body and Blood, wherewith we are daily fed, and cleansed... [View More»]
  10. Act of Hope before Holy Communion #1
    O Christ Jesus, I am sinful dust and ashes, but Thou callest to Thee all who labour and are burdened, that Thou mayest... [View More»]
  11. Praise to God (psalm 67)
    O God, be gracious and bless us and let Your face shed its light upon us. So will Your ways be known upon earth and all ... [View More»]
  12. Prayer for Protection Against Storms and Floods
    Graciously hear us, O Lord, when we call upon You, and grant unto our supplications a calm atmosphere, that we, who ar... [View More»]
  13. A Prayer for the Preservation of Faith - St. Clement Hofbauer
    O my Redeemer, will that dreadful time ever come, when but few Christians shall be left who are inspired by the spiri... [View More»]
  14. Prayer for the Pope
    Most holy Virgin and Mother, whose soul was pierced by a sword of sorrow in the Passion of thy Divine Son, and Who in... [View More»]
  15. Prayer for Protection Against Storms and Floods
    Graciously hear us, O Lord, when we call upon You, and grant unto our supplications a calm atmosphere, that we, who ar... [View More»]
  16. Help Against Spiritual Enemies
    Glorious St. Michael, Prince of the heavenly hosts, who standest always ready to give assistance to the people of God; w... [View More»]
  17. Act of Adoration # 2
    Jesus, my God, I adore You, here present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, where You wait day and night to be our... [View More»]
  18. Act of Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary # 5
    O Immaculate Heart of Mary, Queen of Heaven and Earth, and tender Mother of men, in accordance with Thy ardent wish m... [View More»]
  19. Prayer against Depression - by Saint Ignatius of Loyola
    O Christ Jesus, when all is darkness and we feel our weakness and helplessness, give us the sense of Your presence, Your... [View More»]
  20. Prayer to God the Father #3 - Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
    Eternal Father, I offer unto Thee the infinite satisfaction which Jesus rendered to Thy justice on behalf of sinners ... [View More»]
  21. Your Sacred Table - a Prayer Before Communion - by Saint Francis De Sales
    Divine Saviour, we come to Your sacred table to nourish ourselves, not with bread but with Yourself, true Bread of e... [View More»]
  22. Act of Contrition # 11
    Forgiving God, I am sorry for the wrong choices I have made. I am sorry tor the times that I have been lost from You. I ... [View More»]
  23. Prayer to become more like Jesus
    God, our Father, You redeemed us and made us Your children in Christ. Through Him You have saved us from death and gi... [View More»]
  24. Act of Desire
    My soul, the happy hour is arrived; Jesus comes to dwell in my poor heart. Behold the King of heaven, thy Redeemer and t... [View More»]
  25. Prayer for the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit
    O Lord Jesus Christ, Who, before ascending into heaven, didst promise to send the Holy Ghost to finish Thy work in th... [View More»]

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