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  1. Strength and Wisdom
    Thank you, Lord, for being there for me and allowing me to cry out to you in my times of need. It is amazing to me that... [View More»]
  2. Prayer to God the Son
    O Jesus, who for love of me consented to become man, I thank You with all my heart. O Jesus, who for love of me, passe... [View More»]
  3. Psalm 113
    When Israel went out of Egypt, the house of Jacob from a barbarous people, Judea was made His sanctuary, and Israel Hi... [View More»]
  4. Prayer to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament #4 - Saint Alphonsus Mary de Liguori
    O most lovely, most sweet, and dearest Jesus! Life, hope, treasure, and only love of my soul! Oh, how much has it no... [View More»]
  5. Prayer Before the Way of the Cross
    My Lord Jesus Christ, Thou hast made this journey to die for me with love unutterable, and I have so many times unwort... [View More»]
  6. A Prayer for Church Unity
    Almighty and eternal God, You have promised that there will someday be but one fold and one Shepherd. Hasten that day,... [View More»]
  7. Advent Prayer
    Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, ever faithful to your promises and ever close to your Church: the earth rejoices in hop... [View More»]
  8. Fatima Prayer
    Most Holy Trinity - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - I adore thee profoundly. I offer Thee the most precious Body, Blood,... [View More»]
  9. The Prayer, O Saving Victim
    O saving Victim, open wide The gate of heaven to man below! Our foes press on from every side; Thine aid supply, Thy str... [View More»]
  10. Act of Spiritual Communion # 2
    My Dear Lord and Saviour! Though I am but a sinful servant, I approach Thee with confidence, for Thou hast said in Th... [View More»]
  11. A Prayer in Honour of the Blessed Virgin and Her Mother, St. Anne
    Hail full of grace, the Lord is with thee. May I partake of that grace. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed be S... [View More»]
  12. Prayer to Share the Life of Jesus
    Loving Father, faith in Your Word is the way to wisdom. Help me to think about Your Divine Plan that I may grow in th... [View More»]
  13. Altar Server Prayer (before Mass)
    Oh Jesus, my King and Lord, by the grace of the heavenly Father and the power of the Holy Spirit, guide me in all righte... [View More»]
  14. A Prayer to Jesus in the Tabernacle
    O Divine Saviour! I thank Thee for having perpetuated Thy humble, obedient, self-sacrificing and recollected silence o... [View More»]
  15. Prayer of a Son/Daughter for a Parent
    Loving God, you watch over each and every one of your children. Hear my prayer for my father/mother. Be his/her constant... [View More»]
  16. Act of Reparation for Blasphemie Uttered against the Holy Name of Jesus
    O Jesus, my Savior and Redeemer, Son of the living God, behold, we kneel before Thee and offer Thee our reparation; w... [View More»]
  17. Act of Reparation before Holy Communion
    O Lord, my God and Saviour, who, as Thou didst endure for our salvation the outrages of those who crucified Thee, so ... [View More»]
  18. Evening Prayer # 1
    Watch, O Lord, with those who wake, or watch, or weep tonight, and give Your Angels and Saints charge over those who sle... [View More»]
  19. Act of Confidence
    My soul, dilate thy heart; thy Jesus can give thee every good gift; He loves thee ardently. Hope, then, for great favou... [View More»]
  20. Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua
    Good Saint Anthony, in God's providence you have secured for His people many marvelous favors. You have been especially ... [View More»]
  21. The Prayer Te Deum
    O God, we praise Thee, and acknowledge Thee to be the supreme Lord. Everlasting Father, all the earth worships Thee. ... [View More»]
  22. A Prayer to the Heart of Mary
    O Heart of Mary, Mother of God, and our Mother, most amiable Heart, object of the complacency of the most adorable Trini... [View More»]
  23. Prayer for a Sick Person
    Almighty and Eternal God, You are the everlasting health of those who believe in You. Hear us for Your sick servant (N..... [View More»]
  24. The Prayer a Salutation to Mary
    Hail Mary, Daughter of God the Father; Hail Mary, Mother of God the Son; Hail Mary, Spouse of the Holy Ghost; Hail Mary,... [View More»]
  25. Prayer for Vocations # 6
    O God, You sent Your Son, Jesus, to bring eternal life to those who believe. I join Him in praying for labourers for Y... [View More»]

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